Thank You!

Michelle & Ruth would like to thank all the people and companies who helped make Lucid’s Grand Marnier VIP Lounge at the 2009 Interior Design Show such a success. Blaz Repic at Luciano Sestito at and Robert Wilson

Deal With Your Hang-ups.

                                      Next to a good mattress, nothing is probably quite as important as a great closet.   Well-planned closets have superpowers–they can make you appear more organized, … Continue readingDeal With Your Hang-ups.

Michelle Mawby & Lucid Interior Design featured in Spectacular Homes of Toronto in stores now

Published by Panache Partners and showcasing Toronto’s top interior designers, Spectacular Homes of Toronto is available in Chapters, Indigo and

Mille Femme Toronto

Michelle & Ruth featured in Pierre Maraval’s Mille Femme Toronto–photographs of Toronto’s 1000 top creative women during the Iluminato Festival of Arts in Toronto June 2008. The artistic landscape of Toronto – celebrated in the faces of 1,000 magnificent women French artist Pierre Maraval calls … Continue readingMille Femme Toronto

LUCID INTERIOR DESIGN Featured in IDS ’09 Videos

Click to view scenes of IDS ’09 featuring Lucid Interior Design’s Grand Marnier Red Lounge: 1. IDS 2009 Overview (You Tube Link) Lara McCulloch-Carter takes you on a tour of the Interior Design Show in Toronto. Check out Lara’s blog at: Lucid segment runs … Continue readingLUCID INTERIOR DESIGN Featured in IDS ’09 Videos

Lucid Interior Design Featured in "Spectacular Homes of Toronto"

SPECTACULAR HOMES OF TORONTO – On Sale Now! ISBN: 1-933415-72-X / 978-1-933415-72-7 Price $34.95 Spectacular Homes of Toronto is a rich, engaging collection of well-appointed residences, fascinating people and innovative ideas. Designs range from contemporary chic to traditionally elegant, eclectic cottage country retreats to classic … Continue readingLucid Interior Design Featured in "Spectacular Homes of Toronto"