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Cottage Life: 5 tips to give old furniture a fresh look

Originally published here on Okay, let’s face it. The furniture we put in our cottages is usually a mish-mash of 70’s hand-me-downs, banged up antiques and old pieces we no longer wanted around the house. This can leave your space looking more than a little drab and sad. In order to get your cottage furniture out of its dreary time warp, here are some creative ideas to turn boring furnishing into beautiful conversation pieces. Add a pop of colour […]

Cottage Life: 6 ways to boost space in a small bathroom

Originally published here on If there’s one room you can never have too much storage in it’s the bathroom. But spend any amount of time in cottage country and you’ll quickly find that bathrooms here are rarely big enough to store our never-ending supply of bath and beauty products. Rather than fret over your lack of space, get creative! There are numerous ways to add storage and personality to your bathroom without breaking the bank. Here are a few […]

Cottage Life: 5 tips to make the most of small spaces through design

Originally published here on Rarely do our cottages compete with our homes in the square footage department, but look on the bright side: who wants to have that extra space to clean anyway? That means less maintenance and more time lounging on the dock. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your small cottage spaces. Make furniture pieces work double duty Why bring in a piece that has only one function when there are a […]

Cottage Life: 5 Creative Kitchen Utensil Storage Ideas

Originally published here on When you’re away at the cottage, you want a place to relax and unwind. Unfortunately, I find the smaller square footage often leads to more clutter, especially in the kitchen. This is a room that’s just a magnet for clutter and junk. With limited countertop and cupboard space, it can be difficult finding places to store all of your kitchen necessities. And one of the worst culprits is the dreaded utensil drawer – you either […]

Cottage Life: how to incorporate real wood into a room’s design

Originally published here on After spending the entire summer in cottage country, I’ve come to realize cottage owners everywhere love to incorporate natural wood into their space. And why not? It gives off a classic rustic feel and can really add to a room’s warm and inviting vibe. But it’s all too easy to cross the line from rural charm and head right into 70s wood panel overkill. When working wood into your design, it’s important to pick a couple […]

Michelle Mawby’s favourite room

Deirdre Kelly From Saturday’s Globe and Mail Photo by: Geoff Lackner When Michelle Mawby, the newly appointed design expert on CTV’s The Marilyn Denis Show, gutted her century-old Toronto home seven years ago, her goal was to create an open-concept showcase for her decorating talents. “It was an old house with boxes for rooms,” says Mawby, a native of Richmond, B.C. who also runs her company, Lucid Interior Design Inc., out of the midtown home. “I opened the whole thing […]

Go Bold with Gold on The Marilyn Denis Show

See Michelle on this episode of online at Transitional crystal chandelier from Elte and 22 karat gold tile from Tiles Plus.

Canadiana Chic on The Marilyn Denis Show – How we did it

Barbara Milner, Senior Segment Producer NEW SCHOOL CANADIANA CHIC We created a warm and inviting dining room vignette in our studio as one example of how to incorporate a touch of Canadiana into your home while maintaining a style that is chic and sophisticated. We decided to take-on a couple of projects in the process. The lighting was key to this look. To start, we found beautiful antler chandeliers and sconces at Universal Lamp. We had them disassembled and chromed […]

National Post: The Ampersand Blog

The Shopper: January deals for the urban ski bunny (no skis required); Warm up for the season: Down puffer from Land’s End, American Eagle Outfitters cord jeggings for the urban ski bunny. Special to the National Post  January 4, 2011 – 1:20 pm Michelle Mawby, a Toronto interior designer, has an eye for finding on-trend items for her clients, her home and her wardrobe. She has a shoe habit, some might say, with about 400 shoes, not that there’s […]

National Post: The Ampersand Blog

The Shopper: Party outfit decided, but waiting on invite and Elegant party wear with an edge: Rock & Republic wrap sandals, Shumaq sparkle mini-dress. Special to the National Post  December 14, 2010 – 1:36 pm Michelle Mawby, a Toronto interior designer, has an eye for finding on-trend items for her clients, her home and her wardrobe. She has a shoe habit, some might say, with about 400 shoes, not that there’s anything wrong with that. In this occasional series, […]