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Trash Talk: Loft reno represents extreme recycling October 31, 2009  Ellen Moorhouse Special to the Star Photo By: Geoff Lackner Renovations invariably mean garbage and dumpsters, so it’s heartening to know that building with recycled materials is getting some airtime. The Discovery Channel has just finished broadcasting the Toronto-made television show, Junk Raiders¸ but you can view the six episodes online at In it, a team of seven people – two garbage scroungers, a designer, two builders, a labourer and electronics […]

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JUNK RAIDERS CAST PROFILE: Michelle Mawby Michelle is a high end interior designer who admits that her business is wasteful, but yet does nothing to counter her industry’s wasteful ways. She has no problem tearing out perfectly good new material to make way for what she considers even better and newer goods. She has high end, very particular tastes and a matching sense of style, and won’t settle for anything less. JUNK RAIDERS AIRS SEPTEMBER 14/09 ON DISCOVERY CHANNEL. Read […]

Junk Raiders – ION Life Announces Fall Programming LIne Up “Junk Raiders” premieres on Monday, November 2. Hosted by Geoff Woodmansey, this half-hour series is a journey into ‘freecycling,’ the thriving do-it-yourself subculture that takes perfectly usable objects out of the trash and turns them into something completely new and different. With only $5,000, the “Junk Raiders” team has to turn an old factory space into a functioning live/work loft. Their primary building materials? Other people’s garbage. And they only have a month to do it.

JUNK RAIDERS – on Discovery TV


TV, eh? Annouces the premier of JUNK RAIDERS Freecycling – a thriving, do-it-yourself subculture – is about finding things for free, then finding innovative ways to recycle them, either into their original form or into something different altogether. As the JUNK RAIDERS experiment officially begins, the freecyclers and the wasters get their first taste of what’s in store for them as they hit the streets of Toronto in search for everything they need, including building supplies, electronics, furniture and appliances. The loft itself is 1,600 square feet. […]

CTV Media Announces JUNK RAIDERS Airing Sept. 14/09 A Bold Social and Ecological Experiment: JUNK RAIDERS Premieres Sept. 14 on Discovery Channel, 9pm EST.JUNK RAIDERS follows five construction and design professionals as they team up with two of Toronto’s top freecyclers – people who cull through dumps to repurpose still-useful items – in the ultimate salvage challenge: transform an old factory space into a trendy, fully functioning live/work space. Read the full story here…

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