Junk Raiders Season 3 (2012)

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Michelle rejoined the popular show Junk Raiders for Season 3 in 2013.

The Junk Raiders team returns and pushes the idea of “upcycling” to the limits with the toughest and trendiest challenge to date…To transform an old dilapidated local tavern into a trendy new restaurant from trash found on the city streets and back alleys. The end result will be a fully operational restaurant that clientele will be able to enjoy for years to come. Once again, the team has only one month and a $5,000 budget to work their magic. Over the course of four weeks they’ll have to drive, bike and walk the city streets, scavenging for interesting cast-offs they can re-purpose as building materials. And there’s no margin for mistakes; they’ll have to finish the job on time and on budget.  If the team gets it right, the owners, staff and the public will fall in love with the new establishment; and it will stand out as both a testament to innovative design and construction, and a reminder of just how much perfectly good trash we throw away every day.  But if the team fails the restaurant’s doors will close for good!

The sky’s the limit with this massive recycling experiment. And when opening night arrives, we’ll see if the Junk Raiders have pulled it off.

The result of Junk Raiders 3 was the wildly popular Farmhouse Tavern. See the finished results in the projects section of the Lucid Interior Design website.

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Proper Television with Discovery Channel Canada.
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